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Chief Jimoh Buraimoh is popularly called J. B. by his friends and peers. He is a grass root artist who rose from grass to grace having imbibed the love of art from his mother who was into mat weaving. He had no silver spoon in his growing age from his parents but they endowed him with wisdom, contentment, discipline and hard work.

With all sense of humility, J. B. can be regarded as a cornerstone of artistic development and cultural renaissance in Osogbo.He has been a foundation for the establishment of many Federal and State Cultural Institutions in Osogbo. In 1963, he joined Duro Ladipo theatre as an electrician and rose to become the Manager. He was among the first six that were selected in Ulli and Georging Beier Workshop.

He opened the Heritage Gallery as the first African bead artist in 1975.In 1975, J.B. was a member of Osun Festival Committee charged with the responsibility of organizing Osun-Osogbo Festival.In 1976, he was a member of the organizing committee for the coronation of the Ataoja of Osogbo (Late Oba Iyiola Oyewale Matanmi III). In 1980-82, he was involved in the process of constructing a befitting Palace for the traditional ruler of Osogbo where he erected a mosaic mural at the entrance of the Palace.
In 1982 he became founding member of Rotary Club Osogbo and offered his services and potentials to the growth of the club. In 1996 he was elected the President of the Club and recipient of Paul Harris Fellowship in the same year.Because of his love for the Osogbo community, J.B used his arts to promote the culture and tradition of Osogbo nationally and internationally TOURISIM He was a frontline member of Osogbo Cultural Heritage Council whose objective is to organize arts exhibitions, tourism development, promotion of traditional music and dance during the annual Osun-Osogbo Festival.The Osogbo Community in appreciation of his noble contributions to the development of the town named a street after him in Odi-Olowo area and honoured him with merit awards in 1978 and 1990. In 2000 His Royal Highness Ataoja of Osogbo added another feather to his cap by making him a community leader as ASOJU-OBA of Odi-olowo and Asoju Oba of Osogbo land.The spirit of dedication and burning desires to uplift Osun State as a tourist destination came to fore when the state was created in 1991. Before this period, there were few Federal and State Cultural presence in Osogbo the state capital. In 1987, the National Commission for Museums and Monuments came to establish a museum to protect and preserve Osun-Osogbo Grove and other sites which have been enlisted as national monuments in 1964 and 1965.At this period, the cultural passion in Jimoh Buraimoh manifested tremendously. He voluntarily supported the establishment of National Museum Osogbo and gave out freely a room in his hotel as the take-off office of the museum. He went further to convince the then Ataoja of Osogbo (Late Oba Iyiola Matanmi III) to graciously provide office accommodation for the Museum in the Palace premises. He personally became the Cultural Ambassador of the National Commission for Museums and Monuments soliciting for supports from all and sundry.
In 1999, the writer (Mr. Adedayo O. F.) was transferred to Osogbo as the Curator of the National Museum, Osogbo. Although I have known Chief J. B since 1983 when he exhibited his works at National Museum Lagos but the friendship grew stronger when I came to Osogbo.

The fire of culture in J.B became fully ignited when Osun-Osogbo Grove was proposed for World Heritage Listing in the same year. The various teams working on the draft nomination dossier for enlistment were comfortably accommodated in his hotel and all necessary facilities were provided to make the work a tremendous success. In July 2005, the Osun-Osogbo Grove was declared United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage Site at Durban, South Africa. Jimoh Buraimoh became the most useful link between the State Government, Royal house and community at large. He was always at the beck and call of the National Museum Osogbo and the Commission in every aspect of our needs. Today he is the Vice-Chairman of the Osun-Osogbo Grove Management Committee.

Before the UNESCO enlistment of the grove the celebration of Osun-Osogbo Festival was primarily the responsibilities of the Royal house, traditional chiefs, worshippers, devotees and friends of the community. However, the fortune of the Festival changed with the introduction of Public-Private Partnership engineered by Jimoh Buraimoh and members of Osun-Osogbo Festival Committee.
In the same energetic wave length, J.B. contributed immensely to the establishment of other Federal establishments such as National Council for Arts and Culture, National Television Authority and National Gallery of Arts to mention but a few.
Asides the Federal establishments, the State of Osun has equally benefitted tremendously from the cultural ingenuities and capabilities of this patriotic indigene of the state. He has championed many positive and remarkable feats that made the state to stand very tall among other states. He is a board member of the UNESCO Category Two Centre for Black Culture and International Understanding, Osogbo.

Chief Jimoh Buraimoh is an icon at 70 years, a father to his wives, brothers, sisters, biological and non-biological children and that is why they all call him BABA (FATHER). He is an accomplished artist with egalitarian personality and a friend in need and deed. Your life is dressed in elegant colours like the PEACOCK and blessed in brilliant colours like the RAINBOW.

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